Fire Emblem 4: Seisen No Keifu
Reparation 0.87

The most prevalent and complete Fire Emblem 4 patch was the supposedly 80% patch by the deceased j2e Renegade translation team. However, as was stated on their website before it died, the patch was 'not to be enjoyed'. That is, there were many problems with glitchs et al.

Reparation was, initially, an attempt to change that. To find and remove the causes of the problems, in an attempt to aid some other people who were looking at trying to get it finished. Then they, too, ceased to care.

And so the Reparation project came to focus on finishing the patch as well as the reasons it began.


Two Thousand Six, June the Nineteenth...

...Reparation 0.87 is released, after more than a year since 0.85. Slackness is blamed for causing the majority of the time.

New in Reparation 0.87...

New Font
Out with the old, and in with the new. Yes, this is the same font as in FE6/7.
  • Went over the entire script and checked the formatting for the new font. Fixed grammar and spelling while I was at it.
  • Dealt with several 2A/Redirection problems.
    • Dialogue inserted for:
      • Chapter 4 Opening
      • Chapter 4 Bridge Village
      • Chapter 4 Daccar's Frustration
      • Chapter 6 Lakche/Radnay and Johan/Johalva
      • Chapter 9 Grutia Takeover
      • Chapter 10 Rados & Chronos Takeovers
    • Then there were those which dialogue was not available for yet, but they had a tendency to make the game have appeared to crash, and for which filler was inserted:
      • Chapter 9 Opening
      • Epilogue Edda Takeover
  • Dealt with some random Kanji, in battle information and shops and the like.
  • Added Weapon Descriptions. The extreme lack of onscreen space meant that some were cut, such as those of Hero-class weaponry, that of Narga, that of Loputousu. Call me when you figure out how to fit 'Halves Attack Power' into 8 letters.
  • Finished the Intermission.
  • Dealt with the on-map status denotions, and also repaired the in-castle banner for people under status.
  • Added the Jugdral Chronology, despite its best efforts to cut lines off at random times.
  • Dealt with the 'You have no items' error message for if you try to use the Item List after selling off all your items.
  • Altered the restrictions on the tiled text. Some areas now get truncated to 5 characters instead of 6.
  • Got the restriction applied to the Talk column of the Unit List and correctly applied to the Skillholder section of the Skill List.
  • Updated naming. Most updates are negligible.
  • Repaced the Chapter Names on save games with the area of the continent they are currently at. The Chapter Names were never going to nicely fit in that area. They can be restricted to the opening graphic.
  • Repaired the Save Game heading
  • Massively constricted the dynamic versions of weapons and classes the player will never have, allowing for longer versions of the ones they will. This will annoy people who cheat in those weapons/classes, but that's their problem.

As always, a list of the remaining things to be done can be found at FESS.

The current version of the Reparation patch can be found in the j2e section of the fehack archive - a direct link is here.
- Reparation 0.87.
I am also required by the GPL to have the original files of the j2e Renegade 50-80% patch available for download. These can also be found in fehack/j2e.
- Jay's archive 0[1].50.9.1-jay
There is also an archive of my current sources.
- Reparation 0.87 Source